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The creative space between people and nature


Since 2017, we have been carefully restoring previously tarmacked land in Highgate Village, in north London, to provide a space for people to reconnect with nature through food, art and ecology. 

OmVed, a name drawn from the ancient echo of the vibration that created the world, inspires us to restore lost harmonies in ourselves and our environment, and to balance old and new wisdom.

Our programme focuses on regeneration, creative exploration and inclusion, and food lies at the centre of our activities. It is a unifying necessity of life, and a focal point in our quest to build a more conscious relationship with ourselves and the environment.

Our aim is to re-establish the connection between the urban population, food and nature, improve biodiversity at all levels (seed, food, species) and use creativity and nature-led knowledge to tackle the climate emergency.


Between April and October, we curate a programme of events and exhibitions about food, art and ecology, and their interconnections.

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