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Jo March, Head of the Creative & No Waste Kitchen at OmVed Gardens presents seven recipes where seeds are essential. These creations reflect the ethos of the OmVed Gardens Kitchen, which focuses on nutrition, tastiness and zero waste practices through hyper-local and seasonal wild, foraged or organically grown produce that is often fermented or preserved for long-term storage. 

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By promoting seed saving and making more diverse food choices, chefs can play a vital role in introducing lesser-known foods to a wider audience.

Biodiversity and culinary diversity are two sides of the same coin. Realising that they have been neglecting foods and seeking to reintroduce them into their menus is a fantastic way in which those that cook our food can raise popular consciousness about what is at stake. 


OmVed Gardens supports The Chef’s Manifesto, a project that brings together more than a thousand chefs from around the world to explore how they can help deliver a sustainable food system. As chefs bridge the gap between farm and fork, the Chefs’ Manifesto empowers them with a framework tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This framework consists of simple, practical actions chefs can take and are grouped in eight areas. One of these highlights the need to maintain the rich diversity of the world's natural larder, by using different varieties of plants, grains, proteins and seeds. We can all champion 'wild' variants, avoid monoculture, and protect crop diversity, and seed saving is one way of doing this.

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