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'Saving Seed' innovative pavilion is a design by selgascano,
a small atelier of architecture keeping nature at the core of their projects


"The pavilion is inspired by the organic shapes of nature and the transformational potential of seeds. The walls can rotate their position allowing the space to be totally enclosed or partially open, like a seed cracking open and bursting with life.


In nature is where the greatest beauty is found. What we do with architecture is try to approach it, borrow values, and interpret it. The architecture that excites does so because of the relationship it establishes with nature.

We have worked in a wide variety of projects, always keeping nature at the core of the program. And one of our main concerns is an intense search for new outlets for nature using artificial means: applying technologies borrowed from other fields that are rarely mixed with architecture.


This is linked to the necessary aim of making architecture lose ground to nature once again, minimizing its presence and reducing its role in the creation of opportunities for new types of nature"

José Selgas & Lucia Cano

selgascano_portrait_Asier Rua_lr2.jpg

selgascano was established in Madrid in 1998. It is a small atelier and intends to remain so.

They are renowned in London for their iridescent 2015 Serpentine Pavilion, their distinctive Second Home Workspaces and their additions to London's new Design District at Greenwich Peninsula. 


Their work has been exhibited at the MoMA and the Guggenheim in New York, The Bruges Triennial, the Chicago Architectural Biennal, the GA Gallery in Tokyo, The MOT (Contemporany art museum of Tokyo), the Design Museum in London, the Akademie der Kunste in Berlín, the Tin Sheds Gallery in Sydney and the MIT in Boston.

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